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Slow Food recognizes there are many ways to protect and build our food future to give everyone access to Good Clean & Fair food.

These are just a few of our themes …

Menu for Change: Food and Climate Change 

Locally, Slow Food is actively lobbying our local and national governments to act quickly to legislate the changes needed to halt Climate Change. As a non-partisan group, we want our governments to be held accountable for their promises. We also understand we all have an obligation to work to change our future, especially, as we must acknowledge that food production creates 25% of greenhouse gasses. Slow Food believes the first step we can all make is to buy local, seasonal food, find out where and how your food is grown. we also believe that the lobby for eliminating single-use plastics is essential.

In October Slow Food Birmingham will be hosting our second Menu for Change week of dinners. Designed to prompt you to think about the changes you can make on a daily basis. We will bring together some of Birmingham’s most brilliant chefs as we meet, eat and talk about the issues for food in a climate-aware world. sign up to our newsletter for more details closer to the date.

Food Waste is a major contributor to those greenhouse gasses and food poverty is a real thing not just in emerging economies but in Britain, 12% of children fall under the poverty line. Our members work with groups like The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham, Fare Share and Food Cycle to redistribute surplus and creat food dignity where possible.

Working alongside Jules Todd from Climate Action West Midlands, Slow Food Birmingham chair, Kate Smith has convened a network of people who want to see the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games be delivered as “green” as possible with a sustainable legacy for our community. The Green Games coalition has 120 plus members and is working across many sectors, not just with food. To join this mailing list and learn more about this lobby group contact

Reduce and eliminate single-use plastics. We have worked with Eco Birmingham to promote the Refill campaign to stop selling water but instead to offer free refills. there is an app for smartphones, which means no matter where you are, you will never be thirsty and have a need to buy a single-use bottle. Moreover, we encourage you to stop to eat and drink, celebrate it as part of life’s rituals that build good mental health and community bonds not just fule for our bodies. We actively encourage members to talk to food outlets about reducing single-use produce. The Clean Kilo, Birmingham’s first packaging-free supermarket is a Slow Food supporter, and the new Slow Food Hub – JQ is working to limit the use of single-use where possible.

Ark of Taste and Chef Alliance

The Ark of Taste is Slow Food’s international virtual ark of food in danger of extinction. We believe that biodiversity plays a large part of a healthy plant, it also celebrates the unique differences of regions and countries. The foods and processes included in the ark are part of small-scale productions that belong to the cultures, history, and tradition of the entire planet.  They are in danger of being lost if we don’t use them. You can help by asking your providors to source and supply local foods in the ark.

The Ark of Taste programme is a catalogue of exceptional gastronomic products in danger of disappearance due to current food production and distribution systems. The UK currently has 80 products listed, while the international Ark of Taste boasts over 4,000 products from more than 100 countries. Slow Food in the UK has developed the Chef Alliance to engage British chefs in actively supporting our aims by championing small scale producers, good quality local and sustainably produced food. We encourage our chefs to use seasonal ark of taste in their menus and with this help the producers to defend our edible biodiversity.

There are currently more than 4500 items in the Ark and over 150 foods in the UK on the list and it’s growing every day. Birmingham has nominated our local salt producer Droitwich Saltworks, as they have revived a salt that once held the Kings warrant.

Locally we are working to identify food and production methods that need to be included. If you can help please contact us.

Chef Alliance members work closely with many of these products and producers.

Learn more here...


The Slow Food Chef Alliance is a network of chefs, all working with local, seasonal and biodiverse foods. They feature the Ark of Taste produce and championing their producers. Around the world, there are more than 400 chefs, from restaurants, bistros, street kitchens, and schools, including United Kingdom, Albania, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, USA, Canada, Morocco …

The work of these chefs, by supporting small producers, make them the custodians of our biodiversity. By using seasonal products from the Ark of Taste, as well as local fruits, vegetables and cheeses, in their kitchens, they uphold the ethos of Good, Clean and Fair.

By adding the names of producers to their menus, chefs to give visibility to their work. We encourage the Alliance chefs to travel, meet with one another, participate in events and cook together.

We encourage more Birmingham chefs to work with us, learn about our Ark of Taste and join the international ranks of the Chef Alliance.


See the Birmingham members of The Chef Alliance here …



The protection of bees and the creation through our cities of bee superhighways is also part of Slow Food work, several local members are beekeepers. We also lobby on an international level to ban Gyysophate – aka Round up. To read more about the importance of bees and the products see what Slow Food member The Bee Farmer has to say.


Coming soon more about …..

  • Family farming.
  • Food waste.
  • Land grabbing.
  • Slow Meat.
  • Slow Cheese
  • Slow Fish


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