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We can do so much more with the help from our friends and Supporters. Working with local businesses means Slow Food can bring you interesting events, and help to shorten the gap between producers and eaters.


Zero Waste in the Community
A not-for-profit which aims to improve community pride through Zero Waste initiatives by reducing and reusing landfill waste. Zero waste means living without the need for a bin, by reducing, repurposing, recycling and regenerating any waste we come into contact with. Though their talks and workshops in schools, businesses and universities they educate the community about lifestyle. They also set up independent projects that create products from waste materials, which are then sold back to the community. Zero Waste in the Community (ZWitC) is the sister company of A Zero Waste Life, a lifestyle blog founded in September 2017 to document the successes and failures of a journey towards zero waste living.

Hampton Manor
Restaurant with Rooms Hampton Manor is the home to Peel’s restaurant where our food is inspired by their Victorian walled garden. The relationships they build allow them to gather the best produce from this island’s farms and shores. Their cellars showcase handcrafted organic and natural wines, and champion emerging British winemakers. Everything they bring to the table is honest, original and delicious. Hampton Manor has 1 Michelin Star hamptonmanor.com

Kitchen Food School

The Kitchen Food School began as a pop up in the Director, Jayne Bradley’s house as a compliment to Edible Eastside, a community food garden. The School is now based in the heart of Digbeth and offers a range of cookery classes for enthusiastic cooks and children, keen to develop their skills. Classes range from Plant Foraging alongside Digbeth Branch Canal to Butchery classes. New to their programme is Artisan Friday – a regular beginners and food craft class, which begins at lunch time with pupils cooking their own lunch, followed by a class covering everything from Pork Pies to Chinese Dumplings. TO continue their community based work, they host Take Away Cooks where pupils cook their own supper with our tutors help, then either take it home or give it to a homeless person or charity. Kitchen School is a regularly donor to the Soup Kitchen on Moor Street Queensway and Sifa Fireside. It now builds into their programme the values of the Slow Food Movement which underpins their work and each class covers, the good, clean and fair philosophy.

1000 Trades
1000 Trades is an independent neighbourhood bar and kitchen in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. We are bringing new life to a listed building, celebrating and championing all forms of craft. That starts with craft beer and natural wine, runs through kitchen residencies by food entrepreneurs, all to a soundtrack prepared in partnership with Birmingham’s music community. With the artwork of local artists showcased throughout the building. 1000 Trades has space available for community and private events. We are particularly keen to support activities consistent with our craft philosophy.

1000 Trades will host the Slow Beer talk and workshop in April and May
Details here

Droitwich Salt
DROITWICH SALT IS SOURCED FROM ONE OF THE OLDEST AND PUREST BRINE SPRINGS IN THE WORLD. It was historically, and justly, celebrated for its great purity and today this PURE and NATURAL FLAVOUR still comes through. The salt is harvested by hand at Churchfields Saltworks where the gentle process of crystallising the natural brine to pure salt is done using renewable energy. Churchfields Saltworks is situated at Churchfields Farm within the Salwarpe Valley on the edge of Droitwich Spa in The Heart of England.

Wine Freedom
Wine of a more NATURAL persuasion… We source organic, biodynamic, handcraft wine made by winemakers that care for their grapes and the environment. Sensitively made creations using age old techniques, employing forward thinking. Using as little chemical intervention as possible. Pure, characterful and better for you… Natural Wine! New online store opening soon.

The Clean Kilo
Passionate about the environment and a belief that you can sell food without plastic. Birminghams first Plastic Free supermarket – opening in Digbeth Spring 2018. Their aim is to eliminate plastic which is used for a total of around 10 minutes but then persists in the environment for thousands of years, hurting the planet and wildlife while it fails to decompose. Estimates are that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the amount of fish; we are determined to do something about this! The Clean Kilo will stock a large variety of food, drinks, cleaning products and toiletries at launch and then expand this into shorter shelf life products once they know their customer base. They also plan to have a good selection of vegan alternatives and organic produce.

The Real Junk Food Program Birmingham TRJFP Brum has been operating since 2014 – intercepting over 6 tonnes of waste food and serving over 2,000 meals every month. The project aims to intercept food that would otherwise go to waste from supermarkets, restaurants and other sources; turning it into healthy, nutritious meals for all on a “Pay-As-You-Feel” basis. We have regular cafés all over the city, Pay As You Feel boutiques, a Pay As You Feel Sharehouse and we run a Pay As You Feel Freegan Box scheme, and as if that wasn’t enough – you’ll see us ‘popping-up’ at many different events around Birmingham, check our calendar for exact dates and locations!

If you’re local business and want to support the Slow Food movement, we would love to hear from you.

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