Learn about Slow Food

What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is working to reconnect people to where their food comes from and inspire an active interest in local food production. Our Slow Food Birmingham volunteers bring farm to fork by letting you shop from the best local, seasonal produce.

Once you’ve browsed and checked out online, we send you an email with your collection time between 6 pm and 8 pm from our weekly collection Hub at 1000 Trades on Wednesday’s. Please be sure to bring a bag with you and wear a mask.

We hope that a by-product of your engagement with slow food will be an education into the positive impact we can have on the environment and local economy.

Slow Food believes we can all work towards improving the way food is produced:

…. as we learn from producers and share our knowledge with others.

…. as we meet to eat and talk about sustainability and biodiversity.

…. as we attend workshops and events.

…. by becoming a Member or Supporter, or part of our Chef Alliance.

Learn more about the International Slow Food Movement here