Jewellery Quarter Food Hub

How it works…

The global Slow Food movement is working to reconnect people to where their food comes from and inspire an active interest in local food production. Slow Food Birmingham volunteers bring farm to fork by enabling you shop from the best local, seasonal produce.

You can browse a number of local producers and food businesses on our website, many of which are based in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands, and add the items you’d like to order to the basket as you would with any online store. Once you’ve placed your order you’ll then receive an email with your collection time between 6pm and 8pm for the weekly collection on Wednesdays. Please be sure to bring a bag with you to collect your items to minimise waste.

The team champion local food and aim to better connect people with the food they eat through local food projects, educational events, and shared meals. By shopping with Slow Food you can contribute to these initiatives.

Much of what we eat arrives at our table as the result of the wasteful and carbon intensive global supply chains that major supermarkets operate. Slow Food offers a tastier and more sustainable alternative that supports the local economy and is kinder to the planet as well as working closely with groups who redistribute surplus food in the city so that everyone can have access to fresh, healthy and good quality food.

It is the team’s ambition to grow awareness of the movement and create hubs across the city, providing alternatives to the big supermarkets that dominate the high street. If you’d like to be involved, (we’re a friendly and jovial bunch) please get in touch.

Collection Times

6.30 – 7pm every Wednesday.

 If you cannot make the collection time please let us know. 

Place your Order

Head over to the shop to place your order.
Orders open Wednesday at 7pm and
close on Sunday at midnight (12am).

Collection Location

1000 Trades
16 Fredrick St
Jewellery Quarter
B1 3HE