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Slow Food Birmingham

Slow Food Birmingham aims to champion local producers and food businesses, support the local economy and local people by providing a fresher, tastier and more sustainable alternative to the carbon intensive supply chains of major supermarkets.

Our volunteers bring the farm shop to the city by enabling you to buy the best local, seasonal produce. 20% of the cost of your order also goes towards supporting local food justice networks, Slow Food initiatives and the team work closely with groups who redistribute surplus food in the city so that everyone can have access to fresh, healthy and good quality food.

The online shop is open from Thursday to Sunday to place orders which will then be available for collection on Wednesday evening from 1000 Trades. It is the team’s ambition to grow awareness of the Slow Food ethos and create hubs across the city, providing alternatives to the big supermarkets that dominate the high street. If you’d like to be involved, (we’re a friendly and jovial bunch) please get in touch on social media or by email on the website.